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3 Exciting Ways To Promote Businesses With Drones In 2023

Drone Tours &
Flythrough Videos

Drone tours are already increasing in popularity in 2023 thanks to the unique perspective that first person view (FPV) drones provide.  FPV drones are also equipped with wide angle cameras, giving people a full view of a property, venue or premises. Seeing things from a new perspective is always intriguing to people. Therefore, drone tours are fantastic marketing content for captivating viewers and putting products and services in the spotlight.  Bringing in staff or talent to add interactive and performative elements into a drone tour helps make them even more captivating.

FPV Product Videos

Increasingly more product videos are filmed with drones, particularly in the automotive sector. Now we also have FPV drones, that can fly in close proximity to people safely, unlocking new opportunities for capturing product videos in unique ways for a variety of business sectors.  For some products, capturing up close shots in use would otherwise be impossible.  These seemingly impossible shots will grab audience attention and start them on their buyer journey.

Mapping real world assets

Drone mapping has become a great way of mapping and analysing structures, mostly for external structures. However, with advancements in 3D mapping and compact FPV drones, we are developing a new method for mapping indoor environments. Indoor mapping with drones will allow real world assets to be brought efficiently into animated videos, as well as VR content.  Imagine taking a tour of a real retail store in VR.  Our aim is to bring this experience to make marketing and promotional material more interactive.

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