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FastAir Frames
Mini-lifter / Long Range / Street League

Designed for Versatility

Designed to be adaptable to almost any situation, our new 7-inch propeller platform will facilitate flights with compact cinema cameras, peaceful long range flying, and robust racing for street league pilots.

Mini-lifter:  The concept of flying compact cameras with changeable lenses. Our new frame will allow pilots to create new perspectives and improve safety during filming, all while keeping a budget price tag.

Long Range:  Providing a larger and stiffer central platform for long range flights, our new frame will enable LR pilots to carry multiple batteries. This allows for redundancy in flight, ensuring your bird gets home safe.


Street League:  A popular race series in the USA, drawing inspiration from the televised Drone Racing League. Our new frame design presents a robust new offering to this growing aspect of drone racing, catering for a vast range of build options.

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