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Drone Tours

Our small FPV drones allow us to capture aerial media for properties and businesses in both indoor and outdoor environments, including both built-up urban areas and rural areas. Our First Person View (FPV) drones provide an immersive video experience that draws viewers in.

Benefits of drone tours for businesses include:

  1. Providing a unique and immersive perspective, making virtual tours much more engaging than traditional video or photos. This immersive experience can be especially compelling for real estate, hospitality, and tourism industries, where giving potential customers a 'feel' of the place is crucial.

  2. Capturing fluid, dynamic footage that traditional video tours can't match. This creative presentation can help businesses stand out in their marketing and promotional efforts, offering a fresh and exciting way to display their offerings.

  3. Providing potential property buyers with a comprehensive view of a property, including its surroundings, which can be a decisive factor in high-value real estate transactions.

  4. Creating a virtual experience of facilities and amenities, helping customers make informed decisions, especially beneficial for businesses like resorts, theme parks, museums or event spaces.


​We hold a minimum of an A2 Certificate of Competence and at least £5M commercial liability insurance cover. We also prepare detailed flight plans and risk assessments for every mission. Safety is paramount.

Need a drone tour for your business?

Get in touch to book a tour or to arrange a free discovery call.

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