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Motorcycle Sport

Having been raised around motorcycles, watching Valentino Rossi and other great riders fight with their rivals on a Sunday, I've always been interested in ways of capturing the pure experience of riding a motorcycle in a way that can really show the speed and the limits that riders reach. 
FPV drones are the perfect tool for this because they can safely follow riders and can closely match the acceleration and speed of motorcycles.
In 2022, only a handful of people worldwide have provided FPV drone filming for motorcycles and few of them have a true passion for motorcycling or have ridden a motorcycle themselves. At Fly Flow, we've been on track, we know the risks and we know how motorcycles behave. That's what makes us a specialist in FPV drone filming for motorcycle sport.
We hold a minimum of an A2 Certificate of Competence and at least £5M commercial liability insurance cover for motorsport projects. We also prepare detailed flight plans and risk assessments for every mission. Safety is paramount.
Get in touch to find out more about our FPV drone services for motorcycle sport (or to just chat about motorcycles).

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