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Getting the most value from your drone tour

First person view (FPV) drones have a plethora of applications, one of them being indoor drone tours. We’ve seen several big brands adopt drone tours into their marketing material in sectors ranging from manufacturing through to fashion. At first, drone tours were an effective way of showcasing a space or highlighting a feature within a space. However, as drone tours become more popular how do you make your drone tour stand out above the rest? At Fly Flow Media we’ve seen a lot of drone tour videos from all over the world and like with other social media content, it is difficult to remember every drone tour we’ve seen. However, there are some features of the memorable drone tours that have made them notable and helped make drone tours as popular as they are today. Some of the features of these drone tours along with some of our own experiences are discussed here to help readers maximise value from a drone tour for their business.

The first feature to consider is whether a competitor or partner in your industry has already promoted themselves with a drone tour. Some notable drone tours have been notable because they were the first example from a particular sector. Being new is important and helps a drone tour video gain traction and engagement on social media. However, even if it is new, if its just a drone buzzing around a factory then it doesn’t necessarily highlight features that are unique to that business. This is where certain drone tours in new sectors have gone viral, because they’ve not only been new to that industry but they have also utilised the technology in new ways. Most notable for me was the Tesla manufacturing facility tour. The drone pilot could have just flown around the factory but they took it to a whole new level by flying down the manufacturing line to film inside some of the complex manufacturing equipment.

Another important aspect is planning. Many clients we speak to rely on our experience and creativity to plan a flight path for a drone tour. In most cases we work with clients to discuss key elements of their business and work out a way to integrate these elements into the drone tour. However, some clients do also give us pointers on the flight path or at least some key features they would like to link together. Discussing key elements with a drone pilot will help the pilot to create a drone tour that emphasises unique elements of your business. An example of this could be a drone pilot filming a drone tour for a fast sports car dealership by flying fast through the dealership because the business is about fast cars. However, for the dealership the focus could be on the aesthetics of the car, which if made clear to the drone pilot could completely change the dynamics of the drone tour.

Also keep in mind how long the drone tour will be. For most social media platforms your drone tour should be 90 seconds or less. Drone tours for your website can be longer, but if its more than two minutes it will have to be a really engaging tour to keep audience attention throughout. Sure, a longer drone tour would be better value in terms of content, but if it takes too long to tell potential customers what your business is about, then it won’t add much value in the long run. Framing is also crucial, especially if you plan to use the drone tour video for both social media reels that are vertical and widescreen video on your website. This is another reason to identify particular points of interest to the drone pilot, so that they can keep important features in frame on all platforms. This adds value because a single drone tour can be shared effectively and consistently across multiple platforms.

Briefing staff or bringing in talent can also make a huge difference to how your drone tour comes out. Surprised or excited staff may distract a viewer such that they miss a key element of the drone tour. Although, having staff involved in your drone tour in a planned way is a great method for making your drone tour more engaging to viewers. This will also make your staff want to share the drone tour video as well, which will help push your drone tour out to a wider audience. An alternative is to bring in actors and other talent to add subjects into your drone tour. You can work with the drone pilot to direct talent to undertake tasks or interact with the drone. This could also give you the opportunity to include products or particular services unique to your business in the drone tour. This is very much a next level drone tour, and hiring in talent can get expensive.

Final thing to look out for when considering the value that a drone tour can bring is overall cost. Drone tour prices are generally quite consistent between drone pilots. However, it is worth talking with drone pilots first to discuss any ideas or requirements you have. Like us, many drone pilots offer a free, no obligation call to discuss their drone tours with you. They can then use this information to give you a realistic quote.

For more information about drone tours and to discuss conducting a drone tour for your business, please feel free to reach out by email to or get in touch through our contact form on our website.

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