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Manufacturing successful partnerships and showcasing quality with drone videos

Updated: May 12

FPV drone for manufacturing flythrough
Setting up drone for a manufacturing flythrough

After seeing another drone flythrough video from Tesla's Gigafactory in Berlin, my first thought was "Great! All manufacturers will be lining up for a drone video of their facilities now". For those unfamiliar with drone flythroughs, we create drone flythrough videos by flying a small drone, specialised for indoor use, through spaces to showcase facilities. See the Tesla example below.

However, the splash made by the Tesla flythrough doesn't seem to have hit manufacturers in the UK. This lead me to think about what manufacturers in the UK are doing to promote themselves.

Most commonly, you see manufacturers in local news reports or industry media highlighting recent success or notable events. However, these reports don't tend to effectively communicate or comment on the quality of the work they do. Marketing of quality work tends to be achieved from testimonials and case studies following years of work delivering quality results.

This is where companies like Tesla are different. Their approach is more "seeing is believing" and have used modern video production to showcase their facilities, not just to other manufacturers, but to the public as a whole. So what are the benefits of showcasing manufacturing in this way?

Primarily, presenting your facilities in a clean and open manner helps develop trust with buyers because it helps them acquire a better idea of your processes and why they should choose you over your competitors. Another benefit is that by showcasing your impressive facilities and informing buyers about your processes, you can generate more perceived value and charge more for your products and services as a result.

So what video tools can manufacturers use to showcase their work? Modern video production is great for creating visual case studies that show your products in use, providing social proof for the quality of your goods. Creating dynamic videos, like showcasing manufacturing with drone flythroughs, can catch the attention of your audience whilst simultaneously telling your potential buyers why they should choose you.

If you are in the manufacturing industry and are looking for new ways to market your products and services, then please don't hesitate to reach out to

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